Posted by: motorpurrr | May 1, 2009

Pearl cat’s Mother Petunia

It’s easier to do a video of a pet before they die.

Petunia came with the house. There’s space enough under the house for small animals. She had 2 sets of kittens before we could trap her and get her spayed. We kept one kitten, Pearl.

We slowly made friends with Petunia. There was also a big Tom cat we named Captain Balls. We could pet him. When you have strays spayed and neutered they tend to stick around and keep away other stray cats. So there weren’t any kittens her for a few years.

This past winter the Seattle area was hit with a 2 or 3 week long super freeze.

Petunia’s eye had become worse. She had a small spec or injury to her eye when we first saw her, and it got steadily worse. We were able to catch her and get her to the vet for meds in November. She was so good.

Then in the news was the threat of the big storm. She wouldn’t come inside and I was worried. Then on the day before it was to freeze that night, I looked at Petunia and her eye was bleeding. I freaked, called the vet and told them I will bring her in as soon as I catch her. To my surprise I picked her right up, she was so weak.

She stayed at the vet through that weekend till they worked on her the fallowing Monday. Then when they took her eye out, there was a tumor behind it. They sent in a biopsy and it came back as aggressive cancer.

We got her home just before Christmas. She owns the Ebay room now, gets all the food and bleeding she wants and has bird TV out her window.

Sadly her cancer is growing, it can be felt under her chin, behind her ear and it’s bulging out now where her eye used to be:(
May 11 09. Petunia quit eating an drinking on Friday. The cancer spread to her mouth and she also started having trouble breating. She could pur for a couple days, then wouldn’t walk anymore. She passed away quietly with us by her side today.

Jim is taking it real hard, me too. It’s so hard when something that wants to live dies way too young.



  1. How wonderful you gave Petunia a good home. The video is heartbreaking knowing the outcome but I’m glad she was with people who loved her.
    What is the music in the video? It fits so well.

    • Thank you. Ya, sad and hard to take

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