Posted by: motorpurrr | May 6, 2009

Pearl Cat’s Mother Update

Petunia cat in her bed.

Petunia cat in her bed.

The newest photo. She’s still a bit shy of the camera.

Today she’s not doing so well. Seems a little weak and sadder, but still likes attention and purrs. Where her eye was it’s bulging out more and I noticed a new sore on her mouth. She’s eating less. The time is close:(

I wish the animals and even people could go easily and with out pain. It seems like so much of the time, it’s long and misereable. It’s so hard to know what the animals want and when it’s time. The orange cat was at his wits end with misery and asked for help. Who knows how long he suffered before that.

On a lighter note. Lenny and Squiggy expect to find food here. Squiggy is usually very shy, but not when the food bowl is empty. He comes right up to the window where we sit and gives us the Geico eyes.

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