Posted by: motorpurrr | May 9, 2009

Cat Battles Under the House and More

The new boss chick

The new boss chick

Since the 2 boss cats. Petunia and Captain haven’t been outside living under the house, there are new cats comming around. There are most likely kittens down there. Mother being the one pictured above. Most of the cats around have been fixed , they have clipped ears. But she has an old flea collar on, and so she is new. There is also a huge black cat wiht a collar. They may be together, but I have seen him only a few times. He must weight 18 lbs.

Anyways, she seems to allow most of the cats under the house. But last night I came back out of the bedroom because Lulu ran out. I keep her and Pearl in with me. I looked out the window and there’s the big fluffy cat. She suddenly looked back, some other cat went under the porch.

She was on it! Rrrriiiirrr! BANK, CLank, RRRIIIIIR, crash, BANG, Rrrirrrr. Some serious clobbering going on!

Lulu wanted back in the bedroom real bad at that point.

Captain had strong genetics. We have seen at least 4 others that look just like him, but with tiny differences. One of them was just out side with Fluffy, she doesn’t seem to mind him. He’s got a clipped ear. The fixing seems to make them more friendly to kittens.

I just hope we are able to catch them when it’s time.



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