Posted by: motorpurrr | May 12, 2009

Petunia Cat Passing on We will Miss Her

Petunia, a fine kitty

Petunia, a fine kitty

Pearl’s mom Petunia passed away this moring.  May 11 09.  I burried her out next to Batley and Emma.  Just a rough year for us, and our pet family.

Friday Petunia quit eating and started to have trouble breathing. Cancer was spreading double time all the sudden. Each day it had grown to take some of her face, probably blocking her air way.  If we kept her alive much longer she would have ended up like the orange cat.  We took her in to the doc. He gave her a tranquilizer and said it will make it easier for the final stuff, and then he left for a little while.  The tranq was all she needed, and she slowing went to sleep with us there.  So hard on both of us. The song by Pussycat dolls “hate this part” keeps going thru my head.

This one hurt more, because she was still young. I now understand more about how bad cancer is.  It takes a life too soon, while the life still wants to live. 

As I cleaned out Petunia’s room, Pearl came in looking all over for her mother. She looked at me and let out a tiny “meep”…

When cats die, they pass through the Purrrrly Gates.    Catwoman

I think I know why cats horde yarn balls. It’s so that when they die, they’ll be able to climb back to earth if Heaven’s too dull.    D. J. Schow



  1. I am so sorry.

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