Posted by: motorpurrr | May 16, 2009

Cat with a Huge Heart

Pearl her first day with us.

Pearl her first day with us.

Above is Pearl. We almost didn’t keep her, because we had promised her to a friend. That friend was gone the whole weekend and lost out.

This is why!

Lulu Bell

Lulu Bell

Lulu decided the kitten was hers. She litterally pulled the kitten out of the carrier and cleaned her. Lulu never hiss or raised a claw to Pearl. They clean each other and play. Lulu taught kindness to Pearl.

When ever anyone is sick or sad they will both hang out with concern. As seen in this video of my old cat Emma. They also hung out with Petunia in her final days. You could see in the video with Emma, that Pearl will gently place a paw on who ever is feeling down. This goes for pets and humans.

Lulu is a big girl, and yet has never stratched any of us or the other pets. She always keeps her claws in when play fighting with Pearl and even when she is angry with Pizazz.

The next day after Petunia died, My brother found a Chihuahua puppy for Jim.

Crazy little thing a a handful, it’s about 2 pounds and needs to be watched.

All 3 cats sort of like him. They haven’t hurt him and they spend lots of time watching him.

Jim was getting frustrated about having a dog. So I said, “Well, we can find him another home,” knowing Jim was already attached. Right then Lulu played with the little dog, by playing a sort of hide and seek or chase. So that was that, Lulu claimed another as her own.

Now they let the dog look for them. Sounds like a heard of horses running around.

Lulu loves bottle caps, and will play with them for hours. Amazingly she brought Petunia a bottle cap and put it in front of her like a gift. I found her doing that for the dog this morning.

Lulu really has a huge heart.



  1. Oh my! What a delightfully touching story of acceptance. It really warms one’s heart to hear about Lulu Bell accepting Pearl in such a loving manner.

  2. Pearl is a real sweetie. I had a cat like that when I was younger. If I was sick or feeling down she wouldn’t leave me until I was feeling better.

  3. And Lulu too. Sorry I forgot to mention the star.

  4. Lulu Bell is such a sweetheart. She really does have a big heart. Touching story.

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