Posted by: motorpurrr | May 21, 2009

Comic of Cats, Racoons, and More Living Under the House

If I could just get a crane to lift up the house….

Cartoon of crane lifting up the house.

Cartoon of crane lifting up the house.

It’s not really that bad, or at least I hope it’s not.
Our house is a haven for the local raccoons and strays. I don’t dare close it up because then the rats would take over. The pink is insulation that hangs down in one spot.

I draw this because every time we see the cats or raccoons, they head under the house. I’m sure the animals must leave and go where ever they go, but it’s to the point of being just plain funny.

I may see all these animals head under the house in a whole day.
Lenny and Squiggy = 2 cats, Black and white
A light orange cat
Fluffy, a black and white fluffy cat(might have kittens)
A really big black cat(may be 20 lbs)
Captain’s Daughter = a brown cat
Petunia’s brother = white with black spots cat
A raccoon with no tail
A mother raccoon with 3 babies.
And some smart, buff rats that ate slug bait
Most of the cats are fixed, but the fluffy one, and the big black one could be females with kittens.
Who know what else goes under there!
Oh! And I’ve seen the neighbor’s tabby cat go under there too.

I do look down there, but I never see anything.



  1. When you see up there
    Do you see god
    But god always blesses
    People like you

  2. […] out that coming right in to the neighborhood is good pickings. Remember my post about all the cats that go under the house. Well that is down to just Lenny, Squiggy, Fluffy and Petunia’s brother. Fluffy at her […]

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