Posted by: motorpurrr | June 3, 2009

Can’t trap stray cat? Use a Drop trap

I just want to share with you how the drop trap worked for us.

It’s been 3 years now since we moved here and found that the feral cats in the area were breeding like mad.

1st there was a family of cats under the house. So I put out one of those basic cage like traps that has a dropping door. I caught only one kitten out of 5 cats and a very, very feral white cat. Got him fixed at the local shelter for cheap.

This was as close as we could get to her.

This was as close as we could get to her.

After many tries over time, the kittens moved on to the neighbor’s place where the food must be better. And fearing that it was too late to avoid a pregnant spay with the one under the house, we waited for her next batch hoping to catch her after wards.

Later on she was more used to us and brought her kittens up on the porch where we could catch them. Then more tries with the trap. We caught a grey cat, but not her. A couple weeks passed. We could only try once or twice a week because we had to make appointments.

Captain and the mother cat would hang out on the porch a lot. Captain was great about not hurrting the kittens, a protector. Well I hear mewing, and looked out. Captain and the mother cat were watching something in the grass. I grabbed my gloves and ran out to find it.

To my horror was a little tabby kitten with his back side dragging on the ground and slugs eating away at him. The mother must have brought it out or something…. Plus must be another cat with kittens under the house… Must be the black Manx. Very oftern Manx cats have problems with deformities. I had to take the kitten to the shelter for them to … Well that sucked!

A week later Jim screams for me from the other room. Out the window we see the black Manx with 3 black kittens. Luckily they were around the shed and went in where we easly cornered them. Except the mom was too fast.

That was it! So I talked with the shelter again and they had me borrow a drop trap from one of their poeple. The nieghbor guy was also on a fixing spree.

The lady with the trap explained to me how to do it. The trap was made of plastic tubing filed with sand for wieght, an up sliding wood door to where a cage trap would be put up against, also bungie cords, and it was tented with a flexible yet strong plastic chicken wire.

She explained; Once the cat is traped, run and straddle over the trap on the pipes, to hold it down. Another person brings the open cage trap with a towel over it, bungies it to the wood door and opens the wood door on the drop trap. The cat naturally goes into the dark trap and you have it.

With appointment made, I sat out in the grass and in barely 45 minutes we had both mother cats.

For two years after that there weren’t any kitten issues.

Now that shelter rents out drop traps.



  1. I used a drop trap to catch two cats who were trap wise regarding the traditional trapping cage. We had worked unsuccessfully to trap these two for a couple of years. I had a neighbor make a drop trap for us. I think it’s wonderful!

    Check out my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. There will be stories there as time goes on that could inspire and inform anyone you know who wants to help homeless cats.

    Debby Taylor

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