Posted by: motorpurrr | June 14, 2009

More Coyotes Around Here

In general I’m a firm believer in keeping cats indoors.
A cat can safely be out side in a well secure garden area for many, many years.
But most of the time it’s a numbers game. About 1 in 30 cats is wise enough to avoid outside dangers for it’s whole lifetime and live past 15.

I can name hundreds of dangers, man being the biggest. But I want to talk about the humans moving in on the wildlife. I’m always surprised that people just don’t get it. Their cats go missing and they wonder why.

Even right in the big city coyotes and foxes live where ever they can, and find it easier to get food than living in the forest. There was a family of foxes under the last apartment complex we lived in. I’ve seen coyotes right in the city areas of Magnolia, North Seattle, and Everett.

When we moved out to an island a few years ago there was a large field by us and a pond. Every other night the coyotes would run their route. They stuck mostly to the forest and pond areas. We know the coyotes are coming because every dog in the neighborhood will howl and bark in sequence for about 2 minutes, then absolute silence. Even they have big respect for the pack. The coyotes would go thru as they made their yippy songs. We could hear them for a ways. After we couldn’t hear them anymore all the dogs would repeat the howling. It’s like a communication to the neighboring dogs as to where the coyotes are, and if they have found food.

The field next to us has been replaces by a senior gated community, but the pond side is still open to them. Also half of the forest around here has been built on. Cutting wildlife habitat in half in just a couple years.

One day there was a yard sale in the senior community, so I went over. I heard them talking about how they are missing their cat and so are several other people there. This is shortly after the places in there filled up with new people.

These people move out to the boonies and let their cats out. Duh!

So anyways, with the habitat going and the senior community feeding the coyotes, the coyotes have figured out that coming right in to the neighborhood is good pickings. Remember my post about all the cats that go under the house. Well that is down to just Lenny, Squiggy, Fluffy and Petunia’s brother.

Fluffy at her Food

Fluffy at her Food

One night I heard the coyotes right up on our porch eating the cat’s food. I could hear them gently yelping too each other as they carried the bowls way out into the yard where it’s darker. There is a dark brown one which is hard to see, and there may be more dark ones. Islands tend to create unusual coloring in the wildlife. Cats don’t stand a chance except the ones that listen to the dogs and hide.

Once coyotes find food they are quiet. So now after the dogs howl we hardy hear the coyotes. Why, because they are right here eating in our garbage, eating cats and their food. Only last night did I hear the coyotes, and they were close. I had to take the dog out to go. Jim said I was out fishing with a lure, but the poor puppy had to go.

It’s sad that people hold their cats so low in their hearts to let them outside where they get killed in such a horrible way. We can’t help the strays, the wise ones do OK. But please people keep your domestica kitty inside.



  1. Wow I am shocked that the coyotes come right into the populated areas. We notice they only do that here in the winter. Thanks for the great story sharing and the wise advice.

    Check out my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. There will be stories there as time goes on that could inspire and inform anyone you know who wants to help homeless cats.

    Would you add me to your blog list?

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