Posted by: motorpurrr | June 22, 2009

Pearl Cat Faces Raccoons

Written by Pearl Cat’s mom.

It would be in the middle of the night, “CRASH!” As cats go ripping out of the room.

I thought at first that Pearl was getting her claws stuck in the blind’s string and pulling it down.

Sometimes we would be suddenly woken up by a thundering sound from the greenhouse, and the cats would come running in, so I figured some critter has scared them or a branch fell on the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is connected to the window so the cats can go out when they please. It’s made out of a very clear acetate plastic.

Again, about once a week Pearl would knock the blinds down. I was thinking that maybe she just had a bad dream and got the jumpies like cats do.

One night I was standing there at the window with Pearl watching some raccoons eat the stray cat’s food. When one of the raccoons jumped off and started to head past the window. Sudden Pearl jolted and hit the blind. I figured since she was born to a stray under the house that they had to face the raccoons often, so she must be very angry with them. I took the wand off, because that’s what she was running into.

Still every so often she would knock the blinds around and the greenhouse would thunder.

Well just the other day to my surprise the big mother raccoon was on the deck eating sort of early. She’s huge, maybe 3 times the size of a regular cat. Pearl was on the sill in front of me…

Then I couldn’t believe it! Pearl stood up under the blinds and whacked at the window with her claws.

The raccoon not impressed but concerned, stood sideways looking at us while she reached in the bowl and ate the food.

Pearl slapping the window with her claws

Pearl slapping the window with her claws

Pearl kept slapping the window with her claws. She has extras and she knows it.

When the raccoon jumped off the deck in the direction of the greenhouse, Pearl took off to the greenhouse and flew in. She went full body into the side of the greenhouse to make a super loud thunder, which did impress the raccoon that time and she went away a bit faster.

So now the mystery is solved. All the middle of the night crashes and thunders was Pearl defending her home.

Another incident:
She faces even more raccoons

Just a couple weeks ago the raccoons had beat the food container so bad that there was a hole in the top.

When I was up late and Jim was sleeping, 3 young raccoons came up on the porch and were fighting over the food container. The 3 of them sat right in front of the window and took turns reaching in the jar for food. Then Pearl spotted them, jumped up on the sill and whacked it wildly, right in front of the raccoons.

One of the raccoons even reached at the window to her. They know she can’t get to them and if she did they would tear her up. Still Pearl whacked at the window and blinds. Then again as they left towards the greenhouse she ran and did another body slam.

10 minutes later the big raccoon showed up and Pearl was at it again.

There must have been 20 minutes of major noise and Jim slept through the whole thing.
New teachings:

Ion the now 1 year old kitten has learned to copy Pearl when the raccoons go by the green house.

Both ion and Pearl slam the green house to chase the raccons away.



  1. Good kitty!

  2. Protecting her home… nice story. You don’t usually hear of cats doing that!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for commenting. She’s a great cat.

  3. She is a great cat!

  4. we have racoons that do this same behavior of looking at us while reaching out sideways to scoop out the food. It is so funny to watch!


  5. Gut!

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