Posted by: motorpurrr | July 12, 2009

Cats and Dogs on Twitter

surfer_biggerI made a Twitter account for Pearl @tinypearlcat.

It’s funner than my regular one. There’s a Twitter community of dog and cat avatars, that tweet for their pets.

Many are doing it for fun and there are many that have blogs and sites for animals, and help raise money for pet charities. Interestingly even the ones that have a store logo and sell products will even answer you back.
Here’s just a few of my favorites, @javatyger @oobbles @WillieKat @TeaganTheDog @Rude_Kitty @KM_Zencat @Carto @ValuePet @stoner_cat @ScootyPuff_Jr @mrsfishstick @Manxington @MizzBassie @jazzydacat @chirpycat @petwebdesigner

They have a different language, like MOL = Meow out loud, BOL = Bark out loud. DROFLKPIA = dog rollin on floor laughin kickin paws in air, and DROFL = dog rolling on floor laughing, by @BloodhoundNDots.

They have a #fallowFriday type think almost everyday of the week. #meowmonday, #furryfriday. Plus today they have the #pawpawty where they have a theme and you change the avatar to go with it. Today was surfing so there is beach like themes the animals are dressed up in. It’s to help raise money for charity. Which took me a while to figure out, what was going on. @manxington has been on there all day as the host.

@Manxington has a blog for a Duckie Club. On there he has where you can order a duckie and money goes to charity. Manxingnton works hard!

Sadly of of my freinds on there was Tweeting the same couple words in the tweets, like the cat talks is talking to the dog and the dog talks to the cat sort of thing, and Twitter’s bots caught it and kicked them off. I was lucky enough to find them on Youtube before that happened.

Another one with a dog avatar also got kicked off for having the title of her cause in each tweet, even though the links were different.

I think that’s why there is many variations of #Fallowfriday.


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