Posted by: motorpurrr | August 2, 2009

New Kitten in the Family

New kitten

New kitten

To go along with the new puppy, we got a new kitten. Got him the night before the hottest day of this area’s history. Luckily we have fans and a small air conditioner.

Black, with white on belly and tips of back toes, and medium hair. He’s got extra toes, just like Pearl.
Though at this moment, Pearl is not to pleased, but I work on giving her as much attention as I can.
The kitten was afraid of Lulu a first, but Lulu is a big girl. They seem to be getting along now. Pizazz, well she’s better about him than the other 2 that grew up here.

I didn’t tell Jim, I kept the kitten in my room for a day or so. Jim had even walked right into my room and didn’t see the little guy. It was over 24 hours later when Jim came in to visit Pizazz that he met the kitten. As Jim was petting Pizazz on the floor, the kitten went right up to him.

Jim went whoa, what the? Oh, what a nice surprise! The little fluffy, purring kitten instantly melted his heart.

The next day I let the puppy meet the kitten. Cosmo wagged his tail the whole time and eventually licked and cleaned the kitten. They play now and sleep by each other. So it looks like the little fellow has fit right in.

I have video of the kitten playing with the others that I will get on here soon.

Looking cute!

Looking cute!


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