Posted by: motorpurrr | October 31, 2009

New Stray Kitty Adopts Lenny the Lonely Feral


Here's Lenny Perhaps one day we can help him with those matts

new b cat 1

We named her Sabrina, she seems to like it

new b cat 2

Another good pic of Sabrina

Sabrina showed up a couple weeks ago after we had not seen Fluffy or Squiggy, Leaving Lenny here alone.

Usually cats will fight and keep out new cats, but Sabrina insisted on staying and Lenny was Ok with that.

To my relief he has some company.

Winter is soon to come so I put the heat matt back in the dog house for them to use. They don’t seen to want to go under the house, probably because it’s nasty from all the raccoons and possums.

I will probably have to build another Leantoo on the porch again to shelter them more.

Sabrina lets us pet her, she is cool. She could come in if she wants, but it may be too much as we already have 4 inside. When we get a bigger house her and Lenny will come with us, or who ever cat is staying with us.

I did put in her description at the shelter incase someone looks for her.

I’m just glad Lenny has a pal.



  1. So glad lenny has a friend!

  2. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

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