Posted by: motorpurrr | December 26, 2009

Lost Cat Goes Home Christmas Miracle Story

About 2 months ago this new cat shows up. She is friendly and looks like she was cared for. So we waited to see if she just lives nearby, but she stays. With winter on the way I set up another heated house for her. She wants to come in but the dog scares her. Lenny the feral has taken to her well and is glad for the company.

With her fur getting worse I wished that someone may be looking for her, so I let the shelter know what she looks like if any one is looking.

Then a sign is put up on a post at the corner, for a black cat. The number is always busy.

2 days ago we get a call from the same number, they had info from the shelter. When we tried to return the call, it was busy again, even in the middle of the night.

So as I sit here Christmas day, I figure I will try again. They answer!

I have them describe the cat, and it seems to match.

They came right over, it was only 2 houses away. Sabrina had jumped out their car when they were here to visit their Mom 2 months ago from far away, and they were here for another visit. It was perfect timing!

They were so glad to see she was OK and had even gained some weight. Her name is Riley.

We stuffed her in a carrier and off she went… home to a warm place, some brushing and family.

A rare thing indeed!

Lenny and the rest of us here will miss her, and hope the best for her.



  1. Such a wonderful blog!
    We stopped into say hi ya and Happy 2010.

    Lisa, Madi and Abi
    The Kritter Kommunity

  2. I loved that the Sabrina/Riley story had a happy ending. I never understand why so many people travel with their cats roaming free in the car.

    It is just common sense that the cat needs to be in a pet taxi/carrier when it travels. That way there is no misshap when the car door opens.

    Enough of my rant! Glad it had a happy ending!!

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