Posted by: motorpurrr | May 12, 2010

Tiny Pearl Cat on Twitter, Join in the fun!

TPC at the laptop scrollin

By Tiny Pearl

Twitter is by far the best thing ever!
I started my own Twitter account a while back to find other pets to converse with, when I saw others doing so. We are called anipals, and We comfort each other on bad days, have fun, chat, and raise money for animal causes.

Twitter brings everyone from around the world together in real time. I have made friends from every continent. I love them all.

I have a lot of fun during their pawpawties, and helping out where I can.
Currently I write pet tech articles for the Anipal times.

Let your pet joing in the fun! Here is Cokie’s great blog with everything that goes on with the anipals

Here’s some photos of me at the computer.

Warmest place in the house

Looking for the right port

Writer's block. Halp!

Very funny Ma!

Oh yes! And when you get on there feel free to fallow me @tinypearlcat



  1. Hi Pearl! You sure look like you’re working hard at that computer! Glad you have so friends and you like to help them out so much. Keep writing!

  2. 🙂 beautiful photos

  3. Pearl you have da most beautiful green eyes! Love your blog! Purrs from Smokey8 fr Twitter

  4. TPC that was a wonderful post! you’re a beauty! love the way your mom put the photo of you on the puter screen.. that stopped the writers block.. very funny and cool stuff! i’m gettin your RSS! H

  5. Howdy! We will be following you soon! The post with you and all other new furiends will be up by tonight! And your hoomin has a weird sense of humor, eh?

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