Posted by: motorpurrr | July 22, 2010

Five questions and five more!

Much like the tag games on Youtube or Facebook, my friends @ShivaandJaya on Twitter received a blog 5 questions game from @pumpkinpuddy.  How cool!  Totally gets everyone tagged to do a blog entry. Here are the 5 Questions from Shiva and Jaya.

The game is pick 5 friends and ask them 5 questions, then they all do the same.

Here is Shiva and Jaya’s 5 question answers.
1.  Are you in love?! What’s the kitty’s/doggy’s name?!

Oh yesmeow! I am in love lots of the handsome guy anipals on twitter. Especially the ones that take good care of me, let me help out wif things, and give me smooches.
Rumblepurr, of course, all the ladies love him. As fancy as he is, he still throws me a smooch.
Morriscat, Love to rub that soft belly.
Kingtuttifruiti, has taken me under his wing and lets me halp with #nipclub.
Nascar, He helps me so much with stuff and lets me help too, what a guy.
Quadpawd, What a cutie!
Eddie, Loves to play Zoooomies!
Maxthequiltcat, Took his personal time to give several of us a ride to the moon on his magic quilt.
And more so many more…… Not just cats, all the guys rock!

will add more!

2. Are you picky when it comes to the noms your human(s) serve(s) you?
I am way picky! I got to keep a trim figure. Unlike my little bro ion, that will eat anything.
I like to stick to the dry food, treats and tuna once a week. When Ma gives us tuna I take the most time to eat. Ma says I am a dainty eater.

3.  Is there any music that hurts your kitty/doggy ears so much it makes you go meow or whoo?
I tend to go with how Ma feels about music of course. We both get huffy angry if we can hear country music.
Any loud noise and I will go cuss at who ever is doing it.

4.  If you ruled Planet Purrth, what would your policy look like?
Everyone is to get along no matter what species, color, religion or and differences. Everyone is to learn to appreciate and enjoy the differences between us. To go with that Ma is collecting data on vegetarian meals that even carnivores will like and that will have the right nutrients.

Everyone is friends!

5.  Winter, spring, summer or fall? And why?
I’m a heat loving kitty, so I would say summer. The windows and green house are open, the front door is open. I like to get wet and sit right in the fan if its too hot. And sun puddles Rock!!

A sunpuddle found my box

There’s my 5 questions answered.

So I will pick out 5 different questions in case you were already tagged . Get the same question?  Change it to a subject you like or feel free to pick one I was asked.

1.Your favorite place to hide or hang out?
2.What critters live outside your home?
3.Favorite type of treat?
4.What are you grateful for?
5.Best thing about Twitter Anipals?

Here’s the 5 friends I am tagging to do 5 questions 🙂


Thank you very much, **pawhuggs**  TPC



  1. Oh, bootiful! We didn’t know you was in luv wiz so many dudes! But you forgetted GattoTull and HooteCat! ROAR!

    Shiva & Jaya

    (sorry, we use mom’s stoopid nickname Canary Wharf, named after the wharf here in town; roar!)

    • I will get those 2 right on there. Good thinkin 🙂

  2. Love it!!!

  3. My dear!! How did we not realize you had a blog??? We hope you post more!!

  4. Hey! You’re in love with ME!! =^..^=
    I love you to pretty PearlCat. Just don’t tell Jazzy.


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