Posted by: motorpurrr | August 29, 2010

A Cat of Many Toes

Participating in @Cokiethecat’s Anipal Photo hunt

My extra toes are great for typing with and for softly rubbin @Morriscat's belly

I am what what is called a Polydactyl = extra toes. Poly means more than normal.
There are 6 toes on each front foot and 5 in back. The extra toes in back are much like a dog’s dew claw. So because they dont touch the ground and shed sheaths naturally, Ma has to keep them trim.

All my paws

I recently heard polydactyl cats called Hemingway cats. I guess Mr. Hemmingway had quite a few of them in his place of writing and today decendents of his cats still remain. I am not from that area, but the island I live on, the poly cats are quite common.

Little Bro ion also has extra toes

Ion was aquired from another city close to here. Ma couldn’t resist getting another Poly cat. And it was great timing just when Pa got a new puppy. Ion and Cosmo are great friends. Ion has the same number of toes as I do, but they are hard to see because he has so much fur.

Like my fur, my pawpads have many colors

Yes, my thumb like toes can grip just like a human thumb, and I am well aware of my extra weaponry. When I feel fiesty I will fluff up and stretch out all my claws while stomping the floor, making and impressive show of power. MOL!

Turn out da lights please!




  1. Hi Pearl! it’s gud to see you join da anipal foto hunt.

    You haf very spechial paws. Years ago, my mum’s cat had an entire litter of poly kittehs. Very charming.

  2. Wow, Pearl, you is special ;o)

    • Thanx sweety!! So are you and your pretty face 🙂

  3. Us wanna more toes!

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