Posted by: motorpurrr | September 7, 2010

My Favorite Toy is Simple

I dont need a fancy overly feathered toy that cost $20. I am happy with a simple plastic loop, that would in most cases be thrown away as trash.

I like a soft white plastic loop that is found as part of the sealed cap of a sparkling Apple Cider bottle. There’s no sharp edges and its just right for me to carry.

If I loose it Ma has to drink a bottle of that cider stuff. So Ma keeps my toy in a drawer by the laptop. I know where it is of course and come running when I hear the drawer open because I know Ma will spend some time with me.

She holds it low and under hands it over me where I catch it in mid air and bring it back to her, or sit and wait for her to come get it. MOL! After I am tired, she puts it back because the pup loves to eat them.

When I first had one and it was lost, it took Ma over a year to find out where it came from. In the store she couldn’t tell because its hidden under foil.

Here is a video of me fetching a loop.



  1. Pearl! You make such a good dog!! LOL.

    I fetched a toy Santa for Mom about six times one night… and never again. I hope she appreciated it at the time. I think she did. ; )

    Love Cokie

  2. OMC!

  3. Awww, you are having such fun with your plastic ring! *kissy toes* xxx

  4. Wow TP, you’re very athletic. I had no idea. You have wonderful eye-paw coordination!

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