Posted by: motorpurrr | September 29, 2010

Not the Real Live, Soft Me!

Anipal Photo Hunt #6: Hey! That’s Not Me!
This week’s Anipal Photo Hunt Theme is “Hey! That’s Not Me!” So here are some pics of cats that look just like me, but aren’t me…

My doggie twin @littledunkin

This first pic is of my doggy twitter friend @littledunkin he is so sweet. I call him my doggy twin.

Flat me wif Frugal's ma, Lynn.

Flat me #pawlove wif Hookalopes, blindmaximus, george and Lynn of frugal in back

Recently @frugaldougal’s ma and pa were running about the US, going to Twitter functions and having a good time. They were so kind to meet up with some of us in Bellevue/Seattle WA last weekend. @seattlep and @mattiedog worked real hard to make it happen. #pawlove

So Ma quickly had a flat me made, so I could be there. My fashionistas, the @hookalopes also showed up with @Georgetheduck hanging onto thier antlers. A mini-me of @Blindmaximus was also there. Ma got to meet the staff of @mattiedog, @seattleP and @Deadturkeytweet

The flat me was made by emailing a photo to the UPS store, then they enlarged it to my real hight and then Ma pasted it on a board.

Cat rocks of Morris Cat and I

Ma likes to make cat rocks to give away for animal charites and it helps the mind when they are used for reminders to be thankful for stuff. Ma found that these 2 look like @MorrisCat and I.

From blog post- Pearl faces raccoons

A quick painting Ma did of me whacking the window at the raccoons which solved a long going mystery of crazy noises at night. You can read about that HERE

The Super Pet me

And me as a video game kitty with a farm of critters.

Thanks for readin **pawhuggs**

WordPress wont let me add the blog hop list, so you just need to click the Anipal Photo Hunt button.



  1. OOOO! I think the game kitty resembles you right to the tip of the ears!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

    • Thanx so much purrs

  2. Wow, I never realized @LittleDunkin was a tortie dog, but you are absolutely right! I learn something every day.

    You are so brave to face racoons!


  3. Wow your pictures get around and meet the most wonderful anipals and their people.

  4. Good doubles! Especially the rock! I added a line to the bottom of each Photo Hunt post after you told me the links didn’t work for WordPress: Click here for free hosted blogs or blogs that do NOT allow javascript. Go back and try clicking that and following the instructions to get the other links onto your blog. It *should* work.


  5. Great pictures! Mom did a flat picture of me for BarkWorld too!

    • I think I saw a pic of the flat you. thanx sweety

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