Posted by: motorpurrr | October 9, 2010

Lenny the Feral Visits Inside

While getting this pic, we could hear him purring

With a storm brewing up outside, Lenny came to the door meowing loudly. Ma figured she should try to see if he will come in again.

He came right in and looked around. We were all very nice to him, even the dog.

Getting a wiff of my smelly nefew

Ma was thrilled to see him relaxing and even purring.

He started to relax and was kneading the carpet

He actually stayed inside for about 3 hours. We all kept and eye on him.

Feels comfortable hiding with the dog's toys

After Pa came home he got scared and it was hard to get him to go back out the front door, even though he wanted to. Finally he went into the greenhouse where Ma was able to let him out that way.

A huge step for a feral



  1. OMC! A bootiful black pantha!

  2. Your nephew is very beautiful. I hope he visits you lots!

  3. I bet before long your mama will get to pet him and he’ll be an inside kitty. he he

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