Posted by: motorpurrr | November 6, 2010

Celebrating Captain, Petunia & Emma

Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls’ Day

Theme is = In many traditions, November 1st is considered All Saints’ Day, which is followed by All Souls’ Day on November 2nd. Latin America celebrates All Souls’ Day as Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. Wikipedia has a great page about it here.
This is not a morbid affair, not sad, not scary. It is a celebration of those who have gone on ahead. Join us this week in celebrating our loved ones who’ve gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

My Mommy cat Petunia

With out my mommy cat, I wouldn’t be here today. She found a safe place under our home to bring my siblings and I into this world. Then with help from Captain, my father they protected us from other cats, raccoons, possums and lots of other things. When mommy cat was tired from taking care of us, she knew the humans above were good and she hauled us up on the porch, where the humans caught us.

Petunia later got cancer and passed. Before that she learned to trust our humans and was able to stay in the house in comfort for a few months.

A great pic of my dad Captain Balls

My father, Captain Balls was a great protector of the house and area. He was covered in battle scars which eventually slowed him down, and he probably was captured by coyotes. He was magnificent, tall and plush with a wild look to him. Yet he was not wild and allowed our humans to pet him. He is where my plush fur and cheeks come from.

Looking at my dad

Captian loved Petunia(Mommy cat) more than the other he ran off to see. Our house was his home base and he cared for and kept Petunia warm at night.

Emma in her youth

I knew Emma my first year before she passed on. She had already gotten to where she needed to be shaved. Ma said if it wasn’t for Emma, she may have not lived thru a bad time in her life. She was so grateful for Emma to have gone thru so many life changes with her and putting up with it. Emma was Ma’s best friend, staying by her side at all times.

We dearly miss Emma, Petunia and Captain Balls. **pawhuggs** for them.
Thier page tabs are above for more info on them and others.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet story. When I scroll back and forth between your mom and dad kitty I see how you turned out so beautiful Pearl.

  2. Darling stories, beautifurr kittys. So pawsome that you got to know your daddy! xoxox ~Andy

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