Posted by: motorpurrr | December 12, 2010

Hard Workin Kitty

Subject of this week’s Anipal Photo Hunt = My 2nd job

From the base blog: All of us know that our first jobs are to take care of our humans. They’re very delicate, albeit gigantic, creatures, who need lots of love and dedication, and require constant monitoring of their physical and mental states to determine the appropriate response to make them feel better. As exhausting and time consuming as that can be, many of us manage somehow to actually have second jobs.

There is something I love and Ma is very good at growing …. Catnip!

Though we dont have a huge field of it yet, Ma grows as much as she can in pots hanging from the tall fence. She only grows it to give away, and for us to enjoys.

Durring my time on Twitter I have made wonderful friends. @Georgetheduck got me started in bartending, soon I was asked by @kingtuttifruiti to help out with #nipclub. Then @TheNascarKitty let help with the blog design.

I am always posting pics about nip and nip stuff, so the Purrime Ministerettes – @ShivaandJaya noticed I was great with catnip and gave me a spot in in thier cabinet office.

@Pumpkinpuddy made me a badge and Shiva and Jaya swore me in as Secretary of Nip.

From thier bloggie:
@tinypearlcat, last but not least, is our Secretary of Nip. We Purrime Ministerettes don’t understand why cats like nip, but we hear loud calls for nip from all-over Planet Purrth. We had no other choice than to listen to our voters. Your voices have and will always be heard!

Inspecting 6 lbs of fresh catnip

So as part of my job I keep kitties in nip.

We collected a bunch of catnip, checked it over and dried it. A few weeks later ma grounded it up and even put some in a blender to make it stronger. We were squirming all over the place, MOL. Still all that cat nip amounted to about 10 nice bags of nip. The title is positive thinking.

Buz Nip from Tiny Pearl cat's Field of Zooms

We sent some of the nip to friends we had promised some to, and of course a bag will go to my honey, @morriscat. Some went to @eddiebabycat, @SeattleP, and a couple others.
I sent some to @fuzzymice that has quite a few kitties. She made a video:

She has so many kitties that appreciate the nip, I sent her another, the last bag I’ve got for this year.

Thanx for visiting. Purrrrs

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I am so busy, Meow!! I also write gadget articles for the Anipal Times. 🙂



  1. Great Pearl!!

  2. You is Madame Sec of Nip! We just appointed @FreshOtis Sec of Nap!

    • MOl!! That is great Purrrs.

  3. *whispers* Pssst Pearl, I hear you can score me some nip!

    • SUre can **slides some over disguised as xmas card*

  4. What would the other kitties do without you to get cat nip for them!

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