Posted by: motorpurrr | December 12, 2010

Ma and Pa

Doing some catch up here, even tho I cant put in the link to the blog hop list. Still they are great subjects for the bloggy.

Anipal Photo Hunt #14: MOM!
But I will throw pa in there too.

Both of them sell stuff on eBay, but like to sell different things.

Ma prefers to sell hobby trains and truck items.
She also sells on a site called Bonanza. Her personalized graffiti train cars keep her busy.

MA and I are planning a real live art and thrift store that will help make money for local no-kill animal shelters.
She would just be much healthier working on her feet. But dont worry. My twitter fam is the last thing we will ever give up.

Here is a pic of her head, mol!

Needs a hair cut!

You can find her Twitter @motorpurrr
But she mostly types for me. 🙂

Pa sells space and military stuff on eBay. He also works for a blind cleaning company. (not cleaning blind peeps) Mol!
He is always funny, so in the summer he is a mascot for a local baseball farm team.

Goofy human!

This takes you back to base Anipal Photo Hunt #15 MOM


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