Posted by: motorpurrr | December 30, 2010

Gifts from Twitter Friends Part 5 Bztat

A few months ago I entered for a prize on the Anipal Times site. I couldn’t believe I actually won a real piece of art from my Twitter friend @Bztat or her kitty @breskiebutt. I love her style. She is one of those artists that can see colors that are there, but no normal person realizes they are there. Simple yet complex, a great style.

Anyways I waited and waited. Finally it came, Yay! For her being late she included a nice print of a green cat.

Bztat does lots of stuff for animals and even recently took in a stray kitty, Okey. If you would like some cool art done of your pet, be sure to check out her site.


Art by Bztat of her cat @brewskiebutt

A nice print called Green Cat, by @Bztat

Various items from my wonderful twitter friends. Some things are gifts, some are prizes and some are ordered. We all help each other out. Its almost an ecosystem in our anipals community. I also send stuff out and dontate prizes.

This is #5 of several posts, I beleive there is a couple more on the way from #pawpawty quiz


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