Posted by: motorpurrr | March 21, 2011

Anipal Times Pawty April Fools

Business AT pawty suit

There is an Anipal Times pawty coming the day after April Fools day. You can believe that because it is the day after, MOL.
#ATPawty is 24 hours from 11am PST on Saturday, April 2nd through 11am Sunday, April 3rd, PST
AT’s current charity is the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, where the Managing Editor, @BrutustheDane came from! Please come and hang out!

Please RSVP here:

I’ve been writing for AT since they started. It is mostly online, but last year at Bark World Expo they printed up a real paper. I wasnt able to go (had no idea it was for more than dogs) So @MaggieTKat got me a paper and @Brutusthedane sent me some Lub Beads from the expo.

Sitting on the Anipal Times

I usually write articles on pet gadgets and sometimes technology. I dont always see all the new stuff, so if you have seen something I missed or would like me to write about your gadget, please let me know. @TinyPearlCat

Writer's block!

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  1. I’ll be there Pearl but I’ll be waring sumthing spacetastik cuz #SciFiPawty iz at teh same time as #ATPawty. Pawty overload!

    • Pandafur, I think they are a week apart. Its ok! ya, I will be wearing cowgirl stuff for #nipclub, then change over to scifi for caturday.

  2. oo good thing I checked i wud nawt want to miss either one!

  3. WooHOOO! An after Fool’s Day pawty! Can we still act like fools? ConCATulations AT ! May you have many more sucessful years in the biz!

    • Yaymeow!! We can always act like fools. MOL

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