Posted by: motorpurrr | March 30, 2011

A Cute Cat Toy from NZ

This weeks Anipal Photo Hunt subject What the heck is that thing?!?

A bird we dont see around here in cat toy form…. Kiwi from New Zealand.

Conversation with my Kiwi

A little while ago we sent some Gratitude cat rocks to @Whskr in NZ as a prize she won at #pawpawty. We included a bunch extra so she could Share some with @Pollypuss11 and @Rumblepurr. Then after that my dear friend @Rumblepurr ask for my addy and sent me the Kiwi toy, a card with him on it and some warm socks. So wonderful of him. Purrrs.

The bird makes Kiwi sounds, and when it does I pick it up im my mouth and carry it away.
CLICK HERE to hear Little Spotted Kiwi sounds.

A Card, Kiwi and warm socks from @Rumblepurr

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  1. What the heck is that thing!? LOL! I love the kiwi sound link!


  2. Hehehehehe!!! I love that you carry it around! They make me crazy when they make their peeping sounds!

    Lovely photos my dear.

  3. But seriously… Sitting with your fluffy bum on the Toshiba? MOL!

  4. Oh that Kiwi stuffie looks so nice and soft and cuddly, I could really sink my teeth …, I mean cuddle with him.

  5. Adorable! Both of you!

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