Posted by: motorpurrr | April 8, 2011

Testing Catnip Anipal Photo Hunt

This weeks Anipal Photo Hunt subject:Grazin

Lulu Bell and Pearl

We test every catnip harvest for quality.

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  1. that looks like a nip overdose abowt to occur!

    • Indeed, that happens right after testing, MOL

  2. Oooo, you got homegrown! The best kind….now, don’t you go eating that all at once! xox

  3. This so cute! Did they climb in for a good old fashioned rolling?

    • No, the catnip was dried and then given out to friends and we kepts a little bit.

  4. Weez lookin for a new catnip dealer. Your gear looks good, maybe do a deal?

    • will be glad to send you some at the end of summer harvest. 🙂

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