Posted by: motorpurrr | July 28, 2011

Thankful for Lulu Bell

The Thankful Thrusday blog hop.
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Lulu Bell

Lulu bell was here a year before me. I am very thankful for her and so is Ma. Not only is she super loving, she took me in right away as her little sister.

My Mommy cat brought my siblings and I right up on the porch where I was caught by the humans inside. My sibs were put into a foster home and I was kept here to be given to the human’s friend. Well that guy wasn’t around all weekend, and in that time Lulu adopted and cared for me. So the humans keep me.

Lulu cleaning where I cant.

Watching Birds together

I love Lulu Bell very very much and I am very thankful for her.

Lulu’s page

Old photos of Lulu and I

or Click here



  1. Lulu iz luvly an Iz so happy her adopted you *purrr*

  2. Goodness me, two bootiful ladycats in the same house, I really need to stop by,

  3. Adorable pix & a heartwarming story of LuLu Bell. What a special friendship. XoX

  4. I can see why your thankful to LuLu and your humans ! What a lovely story !! HUGS XXXX

    • HI Pepi! Thank you so much *pawhugs*

  5. Such a lovely thing to be thankful for! Your big sister Lulu Bell seems to have quite the heart of gold. xx Heather and Fluffy

    • She’s the best. thanks for checking out the post

  6. Hai Pearl! I don’t knows why but we didn’t knows you had a bloggie. I had momma subscribes for me so we can see your posts come through. And I didn’t knows you had an older fursib, Lulu is so sweets to has taken you in likes dat. Luvs you!


    • Hi luv! So glad you visited my bloggy. Nice to see you. Thanx so much

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