Posted by: motorpurrr | August 5, 2011

Gifts from @Morriscat

A Thankful Thrusday blog hop entry.

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A pic of Morris Cat on his personal Blankie

My sweety honey Morris Cat of Scottland sent me some gifts from his country and heart. So so thankful for Morris cat.

Fun stuff from Morris

He sent me many great treats we don’t get in the US. These cat sticks are totally wonderful, I could even smell them thru the wrapper. I get sun burn so he also send me some sunblock. It has recently come in very handy.  He also sent me treats and chocolate for ma.

Socks made by @NellieJean

His Ma @NellieJean is very talented with yard and sent these purfect socks.  Morris also sent some Ratsies, which are toy rats that are made of strong fabric and smell really cool.

My own personal blankie with a big P on it.

Morris also sent a blankie that matches his, made by one of their friends. His has a bu “M” on it.

Morriscat Smooches cardboard me.

I too send him stuff, which is a ton of fun. The cardboard me is 15 inches tall(life size of me). Morris is a big guy. There also is a little painting of us in a purrito.

Remember to do your thankfuls every Thrusday. It helps you appreciate what you have.



  1. Those iz wonderfur gifts Morris did send you. Teh blankie looks so soft an nothing iz better than a plague ratsie. Morris iz so sweet to thinks of sunscreen for you delikates skin toos, wat a dear kitteh! That iz a lots to be thanksful for *purrr*

    • Thanx, those raties are really somethin

  2. That was so sweet of Morris to send you all those wunnerful gifts! You are such a great pal you deserve all those gifts. Purrs

    • THanx Purrrs 🙂 He is so good to me

  3. Oh boy ~ all of that looks so fun! Snuggled up in your new blankie is such a darling pic! But seeing your lifesize cutout – WOW, you really are tiny & I don’t think those lovely socks are gonna fit you….ever. Such a nice painting, too. Who is the artist?
    You & Morris are so pawsome! XoX

    • Hi sweety! Ya, Im not a big kitty. Amazing how much bigger Morris is. Thanx sweety

  4. What a lovely lot of things to be thankful for ! Morris is so handsome on his blankie, and now you have a matching Morris-Blankie too ! WooHoo !!! And I bet Morris was thankful when he saw “you” in his package. BOL !! XXXX

    • Thanx luv! Such a nice comment

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