Posted by: motorpurrr | August 12, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award from Bad Andy

OMC! I cant believe I got and award for my bloggy.

@BadAndy_kitykat sent me the award. So kind of him. Check out Bad Andy’s fun bloggy

A big grin! Bad Andy at #nipclub Nascar night

In recieving of this lovely award I am to tell you 7 things about me, that you might not already know.

Can you see them?

1.  Whiskers by eyes

This is not an easy pic to get. Just below my eyes on each side of my nose are 2 very fine whiskers. They are not down where the other whiskers are.

2. Gag Reflex

Ma says I am like an Over reactive teenager. When she offers me food I don’t like, I pretend to gag like it is gross.

3. Spills water

When ever there is a glass of jar with water in it. I will tip it over trying to play in it. I have ruined many projects.

lookinbg out of my green house

4. Green house

Ma built a greenhouse for us that has a hole cut into it where the bedroom window is. I love to sleep way at the bottom and not say anything when ma is looking for me. As Pandafur would call it – a Catio.

Dont make me mad!

5. Can turn off the laptop

If ma is not paying attention to me… I know where the Off  button is on the laptop

You cant leave!

6. Guilt tripper

I have my ways of making Ma feel guilty when she leaves.

7. Crossed eyed

My eyes are a little crossed and I miss things sometimes when I try to catch, but my extra claws help make up for that.

Now I will pass the Stylish Blogger on to others





Will add a few more

Concatulations! Now you all  have to tell us 7 things about yourself that most likely we don’t already know, then pass the award to another deserving blog.

Thank you TPC



  1. Oh Pearl I luv your catio! An you iz so klever to turn off teh puter! I thinks your eye wiskerz iz bewtifuls *purrr*

  2. Oh boy, that was really fun! The gag reflex thing – hilarious!!! You GOTTA get that on video!!! And I agree, water must be spilt…always. 🙂 XoX

  3. Our Crystal used to tip over every water glass he saw. Even tipped over a bucket of dirty water once when Jan was washing the kitchen floor. We miss him.

  4. Awesome!!!!

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