Posted by: motorpurrr | September 12, 2011

Thankful for bijntje

Thankful Fursday a few days late. Link back to the blog hop is at the bottom

I love the thankful Fursdays because I can catch up wif thigs I have been meaing to put in my bloggy.

@Bijntje is a very sweet Anipal Teddy on twitter.

A few months ago Bijntje and her staff came to the US and the Seattle area was one stop on thier way over to see Forks on the coast.

Seattle is a ways for me to go in the car so I sent flat me with my Ma to meet bijntje and some of our other anipal friends in down town Seattle.

Bijntje and his Staff

Everyone met at a nice Espresso Cafe called Street Bean Espresso

They make fantastic lattes and noms, plus dogs are allowed inside, @Ellie_dog brought her staff in. 

 Also there was @deadTurkeytweet, Flat @SeattleP and her staff, Staff of @misspishposh brought flat pish posh and flat marley. Also with @Bijntje’s ma was her lovely daughter.

Ellie dog, flat Tiny pearl, flat SeattleP-jeego, Bijntje, flat miss pish posh, flat marley

Everyone chatted for a little while and then Bijntje pulled out some cool items from her country for all of us.

Rumble Kiwi n I check out the cool threads

Rumble Kiwi is also from another country, sent to me from sweet @rumblepurr in NZ.

Plus some tiny Holland shoes as a magnet.Those don't fit me...

After everyone chatted for a bit the wonderful Bijntje family continued on thier adventure.

It is always wonderful to meet Twitter anipal friends.




  1. How excellent that flat you got to meet everyone, especially Bjinte. I’m very jealous. Is that a tablecloth that you and Rumble Kiwi are looking at?

    • Ya a small table cloth or kitchen towel. Its so cool to meet our friends in person

  2. I love all your pics! It’s so funny, I always think George the Duck should be bigger and Bijntje should be smaller! LOL..

    Thanks for joining the #ThankfulThursday Blog Hop!


  3. Wat a fun tweetup! Youz so luckee to meets all those anipals an staff even if they wuz flat!

  4. […] I showed last week in Thankful for Bijntje got to meet him and several others in Down town Seattle. So thankful to all those that came and to […]

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