Posted by: motorpurrr | September 18, 2011

Thankful for Pepi

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pepismartdog star dog

I’m very thankful for Pepi. he has been a great friend since I first got on twitter. He always helps me if I need something and includes me in stuff.

He adds Pizazz to any pawty with is creativity and fun artful photos that are full of glitter and color. Pepi and George bot helped me learn so much about bartending. I love how Pepi always has his fancy dance girls helping him out.

He is always doing something for the Anipal community like helpin with pawties, writing for Anipal times and of course his OTRB work is so helpful to those hurting from loss.

If it wasn’t for OTRB lots of our friends would not come back to chat with us on Twitter. Sure Twitter is virtual but everyone are actualy true friends. We have all lost anipals and reletives close to us. Sometimes it is nearly unbareable when so many pass on twitter, but when they return to chat with us from OTRB its helps ease that pain.

In the Anipal times Pepi keeps us updated on some world news like the Japan earthquake and horse news. Also The Personal ads sections which we should all use more often.  And of course the Rainbow Bridge section  

I will never forget, when I was first on Twitter @Niqqi and @smokeypoodle had a rescue pawty to rescue Dogga the space dog from Area 51. Everyone was assigned to teams such as distraction, jumpers, diggers, and so on. I was put on the spaceship team and Pepi was the leader and pilot. I was still a newby so to have someone like Pepi including me in was like helping the President. He let me shoot the Ack Ack gun. It was so fun! Ack ack ack ack ack!

One of my favorites was this one of his kitties arriving at the Anipal Awards in style.

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  1. […] other pals wrote amazing tributes to me too. TinyPearlCat wrote a lovely tribute and made me this beautiful piccie. Look at all the diamonds she used to get […]

  2. PepiSmartDog: Thank you SO much Pearl !! You are very kind to say such things, and a wonderful friend. You’ve come a long way – your now an expert Barktender yourself ! WwwoooHhooo !! *tosses #Mansequins over you*
    I LOVE the piccie you made. You got the exact amount of sparkles needed. Hee ! Hee !
    Thank you again from the bottom of my furry heart….
    Love you
    Pepi :=o) XXX

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