Posted by: motorpurrr | September 23, 2011

Thankful for Flat Me

The Thankful Thursday blog hop link is at the bottom

I can’t always go places since the car scares me a bit, and I dont want Ma to always go away either.

A wonderful invention, the color copier has made it so I can send flat me as ambassador to special Anipal events.

One I showed last week in Thankful for Bijntje got to meet him and several others in Down town Seattle. So thankful to all those that came and to @SeattleP for arranging it.

on the desktop pic is Morris cat meeting flat me

Because I am a smaller cat, the flat me can be made life size. I sit at 15 inches tall and the biggest color copy at the UPS store is 17 inches. After Ma pics up the copy she pastes it on a peice of cardboard and then flat me is ready to go.

Flat me in Scotland keeping hangin out in @Morriscat's box

The recent Blog Paws Ma just couldn’t go and I wouldn’t have gone with her anyways. She would freak. So Flat me got to tag along with @Georgetheduck. I am very thankful he took flat me around to meet friends.

Soooo cool! Hangin with George and TreasureTreasure is @Pumpkinpuddy's plushie pal. I belive that is @Borriscat's plushie

I believe that is @Borriscat's plushie

Below – @CosmoHavanese saved a pic of flat me with a bunch of our friends, Robyn and @georgetheduck and Pumpkin’s treasure, @Cookiethecat staff with a plushie cookie, @BZTAT, @Fergusthedog’s staff, and in center @Cosmohavanese and staff. Flat me is soooo lucky 🙂 I am so thankful for this photo.

At 2011 Blog Paws

OH meow! The first time Flat me was used was last year, @FrugalDougal’s Ma, Laura and her hubby were touring the US. @SeattleP organized a Tweet-up in Bellevue. @Deadturkeytweet and @mattiedog’s staff came, plus Plushie @blindmaximus, @hookalopes and @Georgetheduck

The amazing Laura of Frugal

George rides in the antlers of the Hookalopes.

Remember if you cant go, send a replica! MOL



  1. Cute! I love the idea of a flat me! I want one too 🙂

  2. he he you are so cute Pearl – even your flat you is cute. M is taking me to a anipal meet up in northern Illinois this weekend at @PierreThePoodle house. There will be about six doggie pals there – no other kitties tho – just me. M thinks I might find the drive too long and also might get too scared with all the woofies around. Can you tell me how we follow your bloggy? I used to follow it, but den I think you switched it over to another program and now I don’t get notification anymore.

    • I have no idea how to add a subscribe thingy or fallow thingy. this wordpress is so touchy I probly clicked a wrong thing.

  3. You are so cute, even when you’re flat! And what adventures your Flat Pearl has!

  4. Hi Pearl! I am thankful for not-flat Pearl too!

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