Posted by: motorpurrr | September 30, 2011

Fursib Friday Lulu Bell

There was all sorts of shuffling and diggin, so we all went out to see…

Lulu Bell had dug into her box under the window where some sun was shinin in, and she knocked out a bag that was in it and scrunched up the blankie just right so she was comfy. She is always a comic.




  1. shez hoping nocat iz gonna try an steel her nice box

    • she is the biggest in the house. Would sit on us wif we try to take it. MOL

  2. That looks really comfy. She has such a pretty face.

    • Lulu says thank you very much

  3. Lulu Bell, you’ve made yourself a cozy little nest. I hope none of your fursibs try to steal it from you.

    • 🙂 It is Lulu’s personal box for sure

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