Posted by: motorpurrr | September 30, 2011

Thankful Fursday more gifts from Morriscat

For the Thankful Fursday blog hop.

A link back to the hop is at the bottom.

Now to continue by backlog of thanking for gifts. I’m thankful for Thankful Fursday, it gets me catchin up. MOL

My honey in Scotland had sent another parcel that I had lost the photos to so I didnt get to include it in this post

But I found them.

Sweeet I got mail!

Nice of Morris to send somethin comfy to sit on

So neat to get stuff from other countries that I would never see otherwise.
Ma wouldn’t let me go that far in a plane.

A lovely card from the UK



There was treats of all sorts, treats for da pup and some smelly toys called Plague ratsies.  They are very popular in the UK area.


Time for a nap before breakin into the treats.

 The stick treats were certainly my favorite.
I am so thankful for the gifts from Morriscat and super thankful he is in my life. *smooochies Morris*
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  1. How romantik! Iz thanksfuls for you to haz teh morris too!

    • thanx luv! He rocks

  2. Aww – isn’t that sweet of Morris? That cushion looks just purrfect for napping on – enjoy 🙂

    • Hi lluv! Thanx for visitin. Morris is da best

  3. Oh Pearl – you are so very cute. That’s a pretty nice bunch of special gifts ffrom dat Morris dude. (Hi buddy!)

    • Thanx so much for da nice comment n always visitin Purrr

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