Posted by: motorpurrr | October 6, 2011

Thankful Fursday gifts from Twit friends contiued

The link back to the thankful Thursday blog hop s at the bottom.

Before I start Just want to say Thank you and RIP to Steve Jobs. Even though I dont have an Ipod or stuff there are still many more things by Apple we all use everyday.

OK, Back to doing my thankful catching up for things from friends on Twitter.

A collective of several thankful for gift bloggs HERE

Fromm Morriscat #1 HERE and from Morriscat #2 HERE

I know! It looks like I am so so spoiled, but not only should us anipals be spoiled, I want everyone to know I appreciate their gifts very much.

From EdnaatNutro

Greenies rock

From Cats Meows

Amazing card from Niqqi

From Boris kitty an award and seeds from Scifi-pawty

Wooomeow! Mostly caught up with all the gifts n prizes except books and another item I want to do special.

Ma planted the  seeds you see in the above pic. Our spring and summer were so cool and wet, many did not make it. The butterfly flowers did come up some got around 8 inches but then their bases rotted. But the catnip certainly did well and they were the best bunch here.


Catnip on porch


Click the Thankful Thursday pic to get back to the hop.



  1. Gorgeous catnip crop. If I didn’t win stuff, peeps couldn’t afford to buy it for me. We’re very lucky we have wonderful furrends.

  2. You got lots of stuff sweetie. Don’t we have the nicest pals. I just loves all our friends – you included. Pawhugs.

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