Posted by: motorpurrr | January 20, 2012

Steps on How to Add Anipal’s Pic to Nipclub Zazzle product

How to add a photo to a #Nipclub logo t-shirt or other products

You dont have to settle for what you see in choices, they are adjustable so you can add a pic of your own pet or what every you like.

Nipclub Logo on Black shirt. By @SeattleP

1.  Have a good photo ready that is very big size and a shape that will fit under the logo

2. In the #nipclub store… HERE … chose which shirt you like.

3. On the item right under the pic of the product is an oragne box that says “costomize it!”

4. A box will apear on the right and you may click on the logo so you can bring up the design’s allowed area

5. Around the logo will be small grey squares and lines, click on those and hold while you make it smaller, then move it to where you want it.

6. Once you have made room in the design area for a pic of your own, click “Add images” A box will come up, chose “my Computer” then select the image you would like under the logo.

7. Your pic will automatically pop onto the design area, then you can adjust it. If you see the yellow triangle like here in the example, you need to upload a bigger photo.

8. Click the product button above the design area to see how it looks on the model. Then back to design if you need to adjust it more.

9. You may also add your own text, there is color, fonts, and more. Play around with the tools and make a shirt you love.

10. below the product model is a pic of the product’s backside, click on that if you would like to add stuff to the back of the shirt also.

Costomizing works with many of the Zazzle products. The designs can be adjusted, your own pics and text added.

 Hope that helps.



  1. That’s how I made Pop an i-touch cover for his birthday with my pic on it. He loves it just like he loves me.

  2. Awesome instructions. Looks great on the t-shirt.

    • So glad you like the instructions, I know that you are an expert. I only just recently figured that out.

  3. […] Real live cloth #Nipclub shirts designed by @TinyPearlCat are available at the #Nipclub Zazzle Store. You can also customize them and add your photo using Pearl’s instructions. […]

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