Posted by: motorpurrr | February 8, 2012

My Favorite Sport by Tiny Pearl Cat TillmanTV blog Hop

A neat idea, My favorite sport is the subject of today’s TillmanTV blog Hop.

Ever since I was a young kitten I have enjoyed playing fetch, bringing back my favorite plastic ring, for Ma to toss up in the air. I will even jump way up and swat back to her like in volley ball.

The video was from a few years ago, but Ma is proud of me for keeping up on my fitness. I still play fetch with her and jump very high in the air.

It has to be just the right plastic ring, not just any ring.  Sometimes I lose them, and a few times the pup chewed them up. For a while Ma couldn’t figure out where she got them from, but finally she discovered it on bottles of apple cider.  My ring is kept in a special drawer, so when I hear it being opened I come running ready to play.

 Thank you for reading 🙂
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  1. Funny video.

  2. Hey that’s pretty good! Could you do that on a float!? BOL! Woof!!

    • maybe with lots of time to get used to crowds. 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun Pearl!

  4. Sweet Pearl – you are one super kitty to play fetch. That looks like a very fun toy. M wants to know how your mom taught you how to play fetch!!! I just lay down with my toy and wait for her to come and get it. he he – I taught her how to play fetch!

    • MOL! YA most humans do da fetching. I just did it on my own.

  5. Fetch is my favorite game too. I bring my toys upstairs, have mom toss them down the stairs and then I race after them and bring them back. Fetch is the best game ever!

    • that is pawesome! And super excersize. we need some stairs

  6. We luv chase an hit teh ball back but not one of us brings teh ball back…maybe one or too times sumbunny brings it back but we mowstly likes to halp owr hoomans get eggsize so we makes herz go fetch insted.

    • nice! At least you let da humans have a turn. MOL

  7. We never tried the apple cider rings. I like running. TW will shoot a coated rubber band or one of my rocket and I’ll go zooming but not always after it.

    • the cider rings are soft n easy to carry. Zooming is always good Purrr thank you

  8. My Smokey played fetch like a pro. She liked small, soft toys like terry cloth fish. And she’d play volley ball just like you do. Thanks for sharing your talent. It brought back lots of wonderful memories for me.

  9. Pearlie Wurlie, U iz jus gawjus… & so clevva.
    & I jus luvs yr peachy/apricot bits!
    Isa xox

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