Posted by: motorpurrr | March 15, 2012

I won I won Fine Natrual Balance Noms for Pet Shelter

OMC I cant belive I didnt post this yet!

Ma has kept me busy latley.

I won a blog hop contest that I entered with my fetching skills.

I get some noms for me, but more important 1000 Lbs for my favorite no-kill animal shelter.

Here is their first post saying I won WOOOHOOOMEOW!

Then here it the other post after they found the shelter I picked was a no-kill. SWEEEET!

I picked Camano Island Animal Shelter(CASA)  They are no-kill and take great care of the animals. They also helped us when we had an overflow of feral kittens one year. Ma helps them with a few fund raisers and loves going in to play with the kittens.

So excited!

Here some pics from Tillman’s site.

Tillman is a super talented bulldog that is the mascot for Natural Balance pet foods. He has started his own show on Animal Planet that features other talented animals. Many you have probably seen on TV or Youtube.

To celebrate being on TV he has some contests going on where you can win food and other goodies like a skate board. Be sure to check it often CLICK HERE to see.

Thank you Tillman, Natural Balance and Mr. Vanpatten for the noms. Looking forward to it!



  1. That is fantastic. i’m so happy for you and your designated shelter.

  2. Congratulations Pearl. You’re very talented at fetching the bottle cap. And I’m sure you helped make the animals at Camano Island Animal Shelter very happy for receiving all that food.

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