Posted by: motorpurrr | May 23, 2012

Cute Baboon from Kolo Martin

A good friend of mine on Twitter, @Kolo_martin said to me a few weeks ago, ” I think you are ready to adopt a baboon”

So excited!

Kolo Martin makes sure plushie baboons get homes within our anipal friends. So wonderful.

CLICK HERE to see Kolo’s bloggy.

He got in just last Friday, May 18th.


OH his name is Bertie.  Here is is gonna show me how he writes.


With my tail around him, he tells me all about the crazy trip thru the post office system.

I just saw on Twitter that they are planning a baboon pawty. Should be fun!

Ma will take Bertie, Kiwi from Rumblepurr, giant mouse from Isagold, flat Jeego and flat me with her to Blogpaws next month. Meanwhile I will make my sweet plushies a page here.



  1. Ohhh wow another baboon going to Blogpaws, wow he will meet so many other re-homed baboons. You two look so happy together as well and I am sure you will be great friends. He will read to you as well. Thank you for showing us his arrival I always worry when baboons are travelling!

    • Ya we always hold our breafs when somethin is going by postal. thank you meow *pawhugs*

  2. Hi Bertie – nice to meet you. You and KoKo baboon will have to meet soon. Unfortunately we won’;t be going to Blog Paws, but I just know you will have a great time there and meet so many of our good friends.

    • I heard there will be many baboon there. wish you were too tho Pawhugs*

  3. Oh Bertie iz so nice! Concats on your noo baboon. Maybe you an Bertie can come play with me an Lulu sumday!

    • sounds like a great plan meow

  4. You’ve adopted a baboon? How wonderful! Bertie looks super cute. Bet you’ll have lots & lots of fun together. purrs
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life
    also, @nerissathecat

  5. He is so cute. I know you two will have so much fun.

  6. OMC! That’s a lot of anipals for your mom to take to BlogPaws. My mom’s taking me, Barnabas, and Flat Dash and is already worried about keeping track of just 3 of us! I can’t imagine if she took Evie, Treasure, Fred, and my kiwi, too.

    • its gonna be a blast 🙂

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