Posted by: motorpurrr | June 27, 2012

Quiz Prize for Nipclub Monthly Catnip Island Water Park

Prize for the next #Nipclub Monthly August 11 -12 Catnip Island water park

Perhaps you missed Blogpaws? Ma and flat I gathered some extras from BlogPaws, we still have a couple things left to share.

Also @bijntje was here in our area, so @SeattleP, flat me and others met up with him and his family in Seattle. They brought us souveniers from Holland and had extra. I told them I would put them up as a prize.

Here is what you will get in this prize:

Sample of Furminator Shampoo

Beneful squeeky tennis ball

Holland coasters with windmills

plain wood Holland clogs key chain… Continued

Bertie from @Kolo_Martin assisting

Also for who ever wins, they have the choice of having Ma paint something on the bare wood shoes.

One more thing.  We just harvested some catnip and it will be dry in time for the pawty.

So also included will be a super fresh pack of dry ground catnip.

But wait meow!!

Just added a new dog toy from PetsMart and a dog bone shaped carabeener keychain.

Thank you *pawhugs*


  1. How very nice of you offer as a prize. You rock Pearl.

  2. We’re Katz tales from Twitter. Pawsome blog! and we like the haul you got from Blogpaws. Any treats left over? Sorry, that was Target, our fur brain 🙂

    • You know meow we still got one bag of treats left. MOL Thank you for visiting

  3. Hi Pearl! Nice to meet you 😉 I bid on some of your rocks at CK’s auction but sadly I losted. I would still love to buy some–do you have any for sale? I clicked on the sidebar picture, but the link seems dead. If you DO still sell them, could you leave me a comment ( or email me ( Thanks–they are really beauteous (though not as beauteous as you, Pearl!) Thanks XOXO

    • thank you! I must update that link.

  4. Thats pawsome TPC *pawhugs*

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