Posted by: motorpurrr | August 10, 2012

Thankful for Natural Balance Giving food to CASA Shelter

This is soooocool!

I had entered a contest put up by Tillman the skateboarding dog for Natural Balance. I am a great jumper and do lots of tricks, so I entered one of my videos. Well I won 1000 lbs of food for my local shelter.

It took a awhile and I thought they were just gonna send coupons, but Natural Balance went all out and sent 2 pallets of dog noms to the nice animal shelter here on the island.
Here is the note from Martha:
Thanks so much. The Natural Balance Pet Food arrived at CASA today from “Who Let the Dogs Out Donation”.
We received 40 bags – 25# Alpha Dog – Trout, Salmon Meal, Whitefish Formula Dog Food
140 – 8 oz Lamb and Rice Rolls
300 8 oz Healthy Bones Lamb, Quinoa, Carrot Small Breed Dog Treats
240 14 oz, Brown Rice and Lamb Meal Formula Dog Treats
Here are two pictures showing the pallets as they arrived and the shelter staff unloading the food.
We appreciate your contribution.
Here are the pics:

2 pallets of dog noms

Workers unloading pallets

CASA is short for Camano Animal Shelter Association. Camano is an island in Washington state between the main land and Whidbey Island.  A lot more people live here than you realize and so do critters. CASA takes really great care of animals in need here.

I am so thrilled, that really helps them out! So thankful to Natural Balance, Tillman and Cokie. It made this whole year fantastic!

Now to find a cat litter contest. MOL

Thank you for checkin it out.

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  1. OMC! You are one lovely lady, Pearl. ps. Have I ever told you I am jealous of your humbs. I guess I have, but once more won’t hurt. MOL
    Love, the Mags

    • thank you so much Purrrs

  2. Wow! That was a great donation–even if it *was* woofie fudz–I guess they need to eat, too, eh? You must be a kitty of many talents!

    So I finally found your blog! The other one is nice also, but I saw the last post was from March 😉 Nice to meet you! Purrs

    • thank you! We are so excited 🙂

  3. Congratulations on winning the dog food for the shelter. I’m sure they were very thankful to get so much high-qualify dog food and lots of treats.

    • so excited to halp out

  4. I sweet Pearl! I don’t know if I ever saw you away from Twitter. I am thrilled. xoxoxox Smoochies. Loves you. (I am @katiebella2)

  5. You are right….that IS soooooo cool! Congrats to you and CASA.

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