Posted by: motorpurrr | November 26, 2012

Humans! Close your Laptops

Ma closed her laptop, put a blankie on it for me and sat with me for a long time.

Humans, remember to take some time out for your babies.

Relaxing on the laptop with Bertie from Kolo and my Kiwi from Rumblepurr. After the photo was taken, I fell asleep. They said I was snoring.


  1. awwwe awwwe awwwe and they are #NosePurrs not snores Pearl xxx’s

    • I like that name. they are nose purrrs xoxoxo

  2. Awwww sweetie – you are so precious ( I was going to say when sleeping, but you are precious all the time).

    • thank you meow 🙂

  3. I think I’ll go do that right now!

  4. You look like a very content baby.

  5. You all look so cute.

  6. How sweet! I wish TW would put the damn computer away and realize she has a kitty.

    • You can also try to turn off da computer. That helps for a few minutes. MOL

  7. Such a sweet picture Pearl! I love your kiwi beanie baby!

  8. Pearl, you look like my housemate Saffron! She is a dilute calico with mostly gray, orange & white. You are such a cutie!

    • Pawesome 🙂 So glad to have a twin sisfur out there.

  9. Hi Pearl!! Savannah here! I am having my drawing this week, finally, for the pawsome Cat and Woofie painted rocks you had your Mom do for me a while ago. I will link to your bloggy so hopefully you will see how popular you are!!! Hugs, Savannah

    • Sweeeeet 🙂 I hope the drawing goes excellent! I will go look. Thank you so much Pawhugs

  10. Awww sweetie – you get cuter every days. We just loves you here! Mario and M Smooches coming your way. SMOOCH

    • thank you sweety 🙂 Smooch xoxoxo

  11. Wut a cutiez u is Tiny Pearl Meowwwww

  12. I need to follow your mom’s good example. Cat snoring is an art – I love it when that happens.

  13. Hugs Pearly I’ve just passed on the Word Press Family Award to you xxx’s love Jessie & Jane

    • dat is bery nice ob ur human parent me humom wikez me to way down wid herz and herz iz confind to bed zo me wayz wid her alotz!!!

  14. Awww such a sweetie you are. So cute and precious. Somehow I fell off your reading list – am putting it back on Mario’s blog now. Don’t know what happened.

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