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I cant believe we didn’t do a post about the chickens.

They are already 4 years old!

We got 4 chicks and kept them inside till they were big enough to go in the pen that we got on sale.


chicks 3 weeks

2 light Brahma’s, Sara and  Amanda

and 2 Easter Eggers(Ameraucana), Blondie and Robin.

They started out with a pen and truck that could be moved around to different patches of the yard. It was too heavy and we really dont have enough yard. The pen seemed too small and wasn’t built with a decent egg laying place.

I built a nice pen with removable bins for eggs, lots of room and perches, vents and lighting. It connects to the truck run I had already made and we found a nice spot for it under a tree where it could be cool in the winter and electric can be hooked up.

chicken pen

For fresh space we have tunnels made from hard fencing that they can zoom thru to one of 4 big areas for to dig around in. And also we have a puppy pen that can be put up anywhere and add the tunnels to it.  So any direction and distance needed to fresh grass if there is any.


4 chicken eggs tiny

They were laying so many eggs that I gave many away to friends. No they don’t lay anymore, so they are just someone to talk to and care for outside.

Sadly we lost Robin to Merek’s disease about 2 months ago. She was the best one, always layed and she was the leader. After she was gone the others didn’t know what to do. I had to help them to bed and they would sleep till 10 am. Even now I still have to get them up.


The dry weather has been hard on the grass but the chickens look good from not having muddy feet all the time.


Feral Lenny hanging out by the chickens.


  1. Wow that is one beautifulchi chicken Koop. Your chickens led a very stylish life. I have always thought chickens were beautiful!

    • thank u. We try to spoil them as much as we can

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