Posted by: motorpurrr | October 3, 2017

Internet Burnout and blog Neglect


After years of using the internet, I got burned out and discouraged from changes that sites constantly do.

There are so many social sites and other sites that need other sites to do business with so many passwords and emails, places to store photos.  It just eats time and causes a big bum.

Some sites I had put a ton of work into to make some income, were sold or changed the way they do things that ruin it for those making money there. So many!

Even this one started putting ads right into the posts. And they are not always proper ads. Please dont think I am putting them there!

Recently Photobucket going off the hook with greed with out warning, totally destroyed several of my blogs.

Also people all over just becoming mean.

I have really backed away from the internet as much as possible.

So excuse me for being really far behind.

I hope to do some updates.


  1. Been there myself Pearl Cat. Did not know that about Photobucket. Should check my stuff. I know you had a huge site there. Forgot I needed a WP site to comment here. Hope to keep in touch.

    • So many gifs I had on Photobucket I used in blogs. Then all the sudden the Photobucket CEO decided he was going to charge anyone that wants to use 3rd party hosting to pay $399 a year! With out warning everyone’s photos were locked up with a generic pic on how to get them unlocked. Total extortion. I had already been paying $59 a year. He’s the same as that guy that raised the price on some needed drug. With all the outrage, he released some of them, but I am sure it is temporary. I took down 3 of my blogs when that happened and worked on saving another. I took some of the gifs off of this one. Still I need to rescue more off of Photobucket.

  2. We’ve bACKED AWAY year ago or more. Just can’t keep up anymore. Too time consuming. We will miss yhou sweetie. Mario and M

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