Posted by: motorpurrr | October 5, 2017

In Memory of Ion

IMG_0440At a seemingly young age of 9 we lost our Ion kitty to some thing called Idiopathic Chylothorax. Fluid build up around the lungs. Why that happened, we never found out after many various tests. It must have been something very bad inside since it took him… in only 3 weeks time. So shocked that it has taken me 3 weeks to get to this. One thing is for sure if, your cat is not breathing well, it is serious and quite possibly dire. The looks on the vet’s faces say it all.

baby ion

About our fancy guy, Ion:

He was about 16 lbs with medium long fur. Luckily he was part Maine Coon which seemed to make him easy to brush and very few matts. He loved being brushed and loved any attention from his humans. When petted, Ion’s tail could touch the back of his head. He also had extra toes just like Tiny Pearl.

Even though we could not hear him purrr, he was purring, but the only way to tell was to feel his chest.

ion sits

He was so hard to get a good photo of, but in the sun his fur was dark blue.

We are missing him so much. Those little things he did and the spaces where he always hung out are empty.

Like a lot of male cats, he had to be pearched up high, so at breakfast time he would eat up on the counter. He loved a little water mushed up in his food and after he had licked up a bunch of it, a little more watter was added and mushed in. Mama’s boy! In his last days he had to be lifted up, and he came to eat every time anyone went to the kitchen.

He also had a spot when it was treat time. Like circus tigers, each of the kitties have a perch they jump up to for treats. Now his perch goes unused.


We also got one of those laser toys that goes on its own for a few minutes. He loved that toy so much. He would come running as soon as it was switched on. He would never tire of the laser or catnip process time.

It will be hard when we need to grind catnip in the blender when it dries. His favorite thing. He would play with the sticks and like a child licking cake mix, Ion would stick his whole head in the blender jar and lick the dust off the sides getting dust all over his head.

ion blend

So quiet here now. Ion loved to get the zooms. The bad part is that he was a total clutz and often knocked things over and busted stuff up. In the middle of the night if we heard a crash, we know it was just Ion.

Ion was always there after the humans got out of the shower. Not sure why. We also cant leave any tissue paper out or on a roller, it is kept in a nearby cabinet or behinds some bottles of stuff. If a roll got left out, he would get it. He could silently shred a roll in seconds.


Originally we got Ion as a play pal for the dog when they were both young so they could grow up together. A few days before Ion passed, Cosmo went and sat with him.


We miss our big huggable Ion.



  1. I feel your pain about Ion. It is hard when a friend dies and even worse when it happens so fast you have no time to get used to the idea. I am glad you have good memories of Ion, it is important to recall the good and fun things about him, the ones that made you happy. Ion will always be part of you and will live on in your heart. Sending you comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. I’m so sorry. Rest peacefully, Ion.

  3. I am so so sorry for the lost of your Ion. Just remember he is still near, just out of sight. Your memories will be with you always ❀️🐾

  4. i am crying here as i read this. {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} and prayers for you and all of your family. RIP sweet ION

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