About Pearl

Isn't she cute?

Isn't she cute?

We got Pearl in a way that seemed to be destiny or meant to be.

We had moved out from the city to a house that needed some rehab. Under the house is a crawl space and insulation that critters can crawl up into. With the house came a pregnant cat. We were only able to catch one of her first batch, and unable to trap her to have her spayed. The one kitten we caught was a lavender with medium fur. We didn’t keep him because we had 3 other cats and a dog and we just weren’t ready I suppose.

The other cats included my oldest, Emma who was around 15 at the time and her friend Pizazz. Pizazz is an angry cat and was around 6 ears old. I wanted another kitten so it would play with Pizazz after Emma passes. So my Friend Yvette bought me a kitten we named Lulu Bell. Pizazz wouldn’t have anything to do with Lulu.

Soon the cat under the house was pregnant again. She was getting more used to us.

Then one day when her kittens were old enough she brought them right up on to the porch. I got my gloves and fish nets. One kitten went in the dog house and I caught her with a fish net, held it down with my foot as I grabbed 2 others.

We then stuck the kittens in the bathroom till we could find them homes. One of Jim’s friends needed another cat to keep his company, so we kept that kitten(Pearl) thru the weekend, but couldn’t get a hold of him. In that time Lulu who was now around 6 months old, fell in love with the little kitten and wanted to keep her for her own. So Jim’s friend was out of luck and we had a new kitten.

Kitten with extra toes, born under the house.

Kitten with extra toes, born under the house.

Here’s a video of her and her other housemates.

Pearl’s personality

It seems like Polydactlys are smarter, she even purrs like she has an extra purr box.
Pearl can fetch and jump up quite high and grab her favorite toy in mid air.
Her favorite toys are the rings from under the bottle caps on pop bottles or other bottles that would have that plastic ring.
Her eyes are a littel crossed, which adds to her cuteness.
Down her back is a ridge of fur that sticks up like on a Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog.
She enjoys sleeping on her back with her feet up like a little puppy. anything to look cute at all times.

Pearl sleeping silly

Pearl sleeping silly

Pearl’s top video has over 340,000 hits, and she has also had a feature on Cute with Chris, called “foot Cat

She is a blessing because she is a great companion to Lulu Bell and she has been my best friend since I lost Emma. She is playful, attentive, concerned for others, smart, soft, funny and pretty.


  1. This is an adorable website! We love the bling.


  2. Nice site Very well thought out Lots of cute cat pics and stories

  3. The kitten with the extra toes are so cute!!!

  4. Pearl is beautiful! She must be able to catch lots of bugs with those big paws!

    • Ya, between her and Lulu, there are very few bugs in the the house.

  5. Beautiful site. Feral cats are such a gift & teach us so much.

  6. My cat’s name is Pearl too! He is a handsome orange tabby.

  7. A very touching story – Pearl is beautiful 🙂

  8. Our gk sayz life just goes so fast weez forgetz to takez our time and seez those especially specials around us. Tiny Pearl has beenz an adorable twitter friend to us. Weez knew sheez special, but until todayz had no idea of exactly how so very accomplished sheez and her family iz. (Our gk signed up for her and us to follow your blog) your friends @3DogsWhite on twitter.

    • you rock too meow *pawhugs*

  9. oh Pearl, you beautigul precious delicate baby girl. xoxoxox

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