Cosmo Bolt

The new member of the family. A basic Chihuahua.

So far he seems fairly smart.

About a year ago Jim’s dog died. Jim’s been missing him a lot. He mentioned wanting a Chihuahua one day, so I let my brother know. My brother called last week with one in mind.

It’s so nice to see Jim happy to have a friend to hand with. The little dog sleeps right with him.

Cosmo Bolt was born March 22, 09.

Cosmo is very sick and in the hospital. He’s been there almost a week.
He tasted some wierd poo in the yard. We were not fast enough getting him his last Parvo shot.

Cosmo is going to live. He is on i/d and very skinny.

A gal says she has some poly kittens so I am going to get one to grow up with Cosmo.

Cosmo sleeping with his new kitten

More on Ion kitten HERE

Cosmo has a favorite chewy, cow ears. He loved them so much that he learned a genius trick.
Everytime he chews an ear down to a small piece I take it away so he doesnt choke on it. He is not easy to fool and always knows I took it. So I show him the piece going up into the cabinet and being changed in to a big new ear.

Well after about 4 times doing that, he now knows that when the ear gets down to a small piece that he can drop it in my lap and get a new ear.

Cosmo with a cow ear



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