Ion kitten the second day

Soon after we got the puppy, I still felt there was a void to be filled. It would be a perfect time to get a kitten that was clost to Cosmo’s age so they could grow up to be friends.

A gal mentioned that she had kittens and then said they were Polys. So I had to get one.

Fearing that Jim would be pretty upset with another mouth to feed, I kept the kitten in my room for 24 hours befor jim noticed him. Jim had even walked right in and was talking to me with out seeing the little black kitten. It was when Jim was on the floor petting Pizazz, the kitten went right over to his face. Jim was surpised and was thrilled about the kitten. He knew right away that he was a good critter.

The next day we introduced Ion to the puppy. It took only a few hours befoer they were sleeping on the same couch.

Ion cleaning dog's back

Now they are best of friends. Ion cleans the dog and they tackle each other for hours. Ion doesn’t seem to have much upstairs and easily brushes off anything rough the pup does to him.

He's not all black


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