Petunia inside on bed

Petunia inside on bed

Petunia is Pearl’s Mother. She is probably the mother of many others here in the nieghborhood or at least related in some way.

When we moved in to this house she was living under it and soon had some kittens. We only caught 1 of the 1st bunch, the other got away to make more later.

Shy at first

Shy at first

By the second batch she was more used to us and brought the kittens up on the porch when she had enough of taking care of them.

I caught them and ended up keeping Pearl.

Soon the nieghbor (which is 2 doors down) and we, had a summer of trapping and fixing the stray cats.

Petunia was glad to see her kitten everyday.

Petunia visiting Peal and Lulu

Petunia visiting Peal and Lulu

At one point she had some bad matts.

Jim was able to pull them off and make friends with Petunia, which later helped us in catching her when she needed to get to the vet.

See Pearl Cat’s mother Petunia, for the story about her Cancer.

Petunia is retired from the harsh outdoor world with great appreciation for her warm room and beds. She only has 2 teeth so she gets the best wet food around, and she also loves to get a spoon of cool whip in the morning.

Here’s a video

Petunia updatesApril: She’s now been inside with us since Christmas. Petunia is happy and kneading her bed. Purrs and loves attention. But we have found another lump under her jaw and a growth behind her ear.

Petunia in one of her favorite beds

Petunia in one of her favorite beds

Today May 4th: Petunia’s face where her eye was, is bulging out more and I see something down by the side of her mouth. She has been sneezing more, but is still eating and purring. If we accidently touch her lumps when she rubbs on us, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by any pain.

Pearl’s mom Petunia passed away this moring. May 11 09.


  1. hi what a beautiful story and a wonderful cat. I would like to feature Petunia on my blog. I would love to share this story with my readers.

    • Thank you so much 🙂

  2. This is Jaya and I luv Petunia. I wanna be her twin sis.

    • Awe! Ya, she looked like you for sure. I miss my mommy cat so much. We still see her brother around once in a while. He got really big fat.

  3. This is a neat post! I am so happy they found a forever home!!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

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