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My Favorite Sport by Tiny Pearl Cat TillmanTV blog Hop

A neat idea, My favorite sport is the subject of today’s TillmanTV blog Hop.

Ever since I was a young kitten I have enjoyed playing fetch, bringing back my favorite plastic ring, for Ma to toss up in the air. I will even jump way up and swat back to her like in volley ball.

The video was from a few years ago, but Ma is proud of me for keeping up on my fitness. I still play fetch with her and jump very high in the air.

It has to be just the right plastic ring, not just any ring.  Sometimes I lose them, and a few times the pup chewed them up. For a while Ma couldn’t figure out where she got them from, but finally she discovered it on bottles of apple cider.  My ring is kept in a special drawer, so when I hear it being opened I come running ready to play.

 Thank you for reading 🙂
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Steps on How to Add Anipal’s Pic to Nipclub Zazzle product

How to add a photo to a #Nipclub logo t-shirt or other products

You dont have to settle for what you see in choices, they are adjustable so you can add a pic of your own pet or what every you like.

Nipclub Logo on Black shirt. By @SeattleP

1.  Have a good photo ready that is very big size and a shape that will fit under the logo

2. In the #nipclub store… HERE … chose which shirt you like.

3. On the item right under the pic of the product is an oragne box that says “costomize it!”

4. A box will apear on the right and you may click on the logo so you can bring up the design’s allowed area

5. Around the logo will be small grey squares and lines, click on those and hold while you make it smaller, then move it to where you want it.

6. Once you have made room in the design area for a pic of your own, click “Add images” A box will come up, chose “my Computer” then select the image you would like under the logo.

7. Your pic will automatically pop onto the design area, then you can adjust it. If you see the yellow triangle like here in the example, you need to upload a bigger photo.

8. Click the product button above the design area to see how it looks on the model. Then back to design if you need to adjust it more.

9. You may also add your own text, there is color, fonts, and more. Play around with the tools and make a shirt you love.

10. below the product model is a pic of the product’s backside, click on that if you would like to add stuff to the back of the shirt also.

Costomizing works with many of the Zazzle products. The designs can be adjusted, your own pics and text added.

 Hope that helps.

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Flat Me on Vacation – Thankful Fursday

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A bit of an update on my post about Flat me at Blogpaws and other places around the world. It can be seen HERE

Here is just one small reason I am thankful for @GeorgetheDuck.  He was so kind to take flat me wif him to Blogpaws, I was so excited. He also took flat me to the beach on vacation and sent me these wonderful pics. Also with me is Pumpkinpuddy’s Treasure toy dog.  In one pic we are sitting on George’s uncle.


Remember there is always lots to be thankful for.
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Thankful for Mizzbassie’s Cat Necklace

For Thankful Fursdays, the link back to the main blog is at the bottom.

A while back I won a cool necklace at a #Pawpawty, made by @Mizzbassie


It is a purrrfect fit!  Very comfortable to wear also.

There are dark blue stone like beads with gold flakes, and a dragon flie between each blue bead. The nice magnetic clasp holds great but will come open if it snags on something.

The blue really brings out my orangeFeelin fashionable

At first Ma didnt think I wouldn’t like it, but I dont mind at all. When she does take it off, I try to grab it back. It is nice to have something that feels like it is mine and very nice to have something made special by @Mizzbassie a long time Twitter pal.

Please check out her necklaces HERE 

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Thankful Fursday gifts from Twit friends contiued

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Before I start Just want to say Thank you and RIP to Steve Jobs. Even though I dont have an Ipod or stuff there are still many more things by Apple we all use everyday.

OK, Back to doing my thankful catching up for things from friends on Twitter.

A collective of several thankful for gift bloggs HERE

Fromm Morriscat #1 HERE and from Morriscat #2 HERE

I know! It looks like I am so so spoiled, but not only should us anipals be spoiled, I want everyone to know I appreciate their gifts very much.

From EdnaatNutro

Greenies rock

From Cats Meows

Amazing card from Niqqi

From Boris kitty an award and seeds from Scifi-pawty

Wooomeow! Mostly caught up with all the gifts n prizes except books and another item I want to do special.

Ma planted the  seeds you see in the above pic. Our spring and summer were so cool and wet, many did not make it. The butterfly flowers did come up some got around 8 inches but then their bases rotted. But the catnip certainly did well and they were the best bunch here.


Catnip on porch


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Fursib Friday Lulu Bell

There was all sorts of shuffling and diggin, so we all went out to see…

Lulu Bell had dug into her box under the window where some sun was shinin in, and she knocked out a bag that was in it and scrunched up the blankie just right so she was comfy. She is always a comic.


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Thankful Fursday more gifts from Morriscat

For the Thankful Fursday blog hop.

A link back to the hop is at the bottom.

Now to continue by backlog of thanking for gifts. I’m thankful for Thankful Fursday, it gets me catchin up. MOL

My honey in Scotland had sent another parcel that I had lost the photos to so I didnt get to include it in this post

But I found them.

Sweeet I got mail!

Nice of Morris to send somethin comfy to sit on

So neat to get stuff from other countries that I would never see otherwise.
Ma wouldn’t let me go that far in a plane.

A lovely card from the UK



There was treats of all sorts, treats for da pup and some smelly toys called Plague ratsies.  They are very popular in the UK area.


Time for a nap before breakin into the treats.

 The stick treats were certainly my favorite.
I am so thankful for the gifts from Morriscat and super thankful he is in my life. *smooochies Morris*
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Thankful for Flat Me

The Thankful Thursday blog hop link is at the bottom

I can’t always go places since the car scares me a bit, and I dont want Ma to always go away either.

A wonderful invention, the color copier has made it so I can send flat me as ambassador to special Anipal events.

One I showed last week in Thankful for Bijntje got to meet him and several others in Down town Seattle. So thankful to all those that came and to @SeattleP for arranging it.

on the desktop pic is Morris cat meeting flat me

Because I am a smaller cat, the flat me can be made life size. I sit at 15 inches tall and the biggest color copy at the UPS store is 17 inches. After Ma pics up the copy she pastes it on a peice of cardboard and then flat me is ready to go.

Flat me in Scotland keeping hangin out in @Morriscat's box

The recent Blog Paws Ma just couldn’t go and I wouldn’t have gone with her anyways. She would freak. So Flat me got to tag along with @Georgetheduck. I am very thankful he took flat me around to meet friends.

Soooo cool! Hangin with George and TreasureTreasure is @Pumpkinpuddy's plushie pal. I belive that is @Borriscat's plushie

I believe that is @Borriscat's plushie

Below – @CosmoHavanese saved a pic of flat me with a bunch of our friends, Robyn and @georgetheduck and Pumpkin’s treasure, @Cookiethecat staff with a plushie cookie, @BZTAT, @Fergusthedog’s staff, and in center @Cosmohavanese and staff. Flat me is soooo lucky 🙂 I am so thankful for this photo.

At 2011 Blog Paws

OH meow! The first time Flat me was used was last year, @FrugalDougal’s Ma, Laura and her hubby were touring the US. @SeattleP organized a Tweet-up in Bellevue. @Deadturkeytweet and @mattiedog’s staff came, plus Plushie @blindmaximus, @hookalopes and @Georgetheduck

The amazing Laura of Frugal

George rides in the antlers of the Hookalopes.

Remember if you cant go, send a replica! MOL

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Thankful for Pepi

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pepismartdog star dog

I’m very thankful for Pepi. he has been a great friend since I first got on twitter. He always helps me if I need something and includes me in stuff.

He adds Pizazz to any pawty with is creativity and fun artful photos that are full of glitter and color. Pepi and George bot helped me learn so much about bartending. I love how Pepi always has his fancy dance girls helping him out.

He is always doing something for the Anipal community like helpin with pawties, writing for Anipal times and of course his OTRB work is so helpful to those hurting from loss.

If it wasn’t for OTRB lots of our friends would not come back to chat with us on Twitter. Sure Twitter is virtual but everyone are actualy true friends. We have all lost anipals and reletives close to us. Sometimes it is nearly unbareable when so many pass on twitter, but when they return to chat with us from OTRB its helps ease that pain.

In the Anipal times Pepi keeps us updated on some world news like the Japan earthquake and horse news. Also The Personal ads sections which we should all use more often.  And of course the Rainbow Bridge section  

I will never forget, when I was first on Twitter @Niqqi and @smokeypoodle had a rescue pawty to rescue Dogga the space dog from Area 51. Everyone was assigned to teams such as distraction, jumpers, diggers, and so on. I was put on the spaceship team and Pepi was the leader and pilot. I was still a newby so to have someone like Pepi including me in was like helping the President. He let me shoot the Ack Ack gun. It was so fun! Ack ack ack ack ack!

One of my favorites was this one of his kitties arriving at the Anipal Awards in style.

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Thankful for bijntje

Thankful Fursday a few days late. Link back to the blog hop is at the bottom

I love the thankful Fursdays because I can catch up wif thigs I have been meaing to put in my bloggy.

@Bijntje is a very sweet Anipal Teddy on twitter.

A few months ago Bijntje and her staff came to the US and the Seattle area was one stop on thier way over to see Forks on the coast.

Seattle is a ways for me to go in the car so I sent flat me with my Ma to meet bijntje and some of our other anipal friends in down town Seattle.

Bijntje and his Staff

Everyone met at a nice Espresso Cafe called Street Bean Espresso

They make fantastic lattes and noms, plus dogs are allowed inside, @Ellie_dog brought her staff in. 

 Also there was @deadTurkeytweet, Flat @SeattleP and her staff, Staff of @misspishposh brought flat pish posh and flat marley. Also with @Bijntje’s ma was her lovely daughter.

Ellie dog, flat Tiny pearl, flat SeattleP-jeego, Bijntje, flat miss pish posh, flat marley

Everyone chatted for a little while and then Bijntje pulled out some cool items from her country for all of us.

Rumble Kiwi n I check out the cool threads

Rumble Kiwi is also from another country, sent to me from sweet @rumblepurr in NZ.

Plus some tiny Holland shoes as a magnet.Those don't fit me...

After everyone chatted for a bit the wonderful Bijntje family continued on thier adventure.

It is always wonderful to meet Twitter anipal friends.


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